Keyscan Access Systems (Keyless Door Monitoring)

Access Control systems are about more than monitoring doors; they are an integral part of any security system and give users a convenient platform to manage their facilities. Traditional keys cannot track who or when people are accessing your building, and when keys go missing re-keying locks can be extremely expensive. Keyscan Access Control systems solve all of these problems and many more, including:

  • performing a facility or area lock down from any PC or Keyscan reader
  • bringing motion detectors, glass breaks, door contacts, panic buttons into Keyscan to track and assign alarm conditions from a single interface
  • retrieving live video in the event of an alarm
  • arming or disarming an intrusion panel via the access control system
  • triggering a wide range of devices using Keyscan auxiliary relay outputs to trip items such as sirens or strobes all based on certain events/conditions
  • creating a map with active icons to annunciate system status, control doors, call up video, show employee photos as they pass through protected doors, and much more
  • run a myriad of custom reports when you need to know who accessed what area and when

    Here's a few testimonials from some of Keyscan's satisfied customers:

    "Keyscan was the obvious choice. As an access control system it is phenomenal. It's got everything you could possibly want to deliver." Mr McCann, Bulldog Fire and Security

    "Our return on investment with Keyscan was about a year, because we were spending so much money on keys. Since the system was installed, we have been able to lower incidences of patients eloping into public spaces, and the control over staff access has been incredible." Mr. Lay, Director of Security, Alexian Brothers Hospital

    "The Keyscan system is so reliable and easy to use; we want it in all of our buildings." Mr. Pankratz, Civic Facilities Manager, City of Abbotsford

    "First of all let me say that we cannot thank you enough for your recent trip to Huntsville for Randolph School. You and your company truly went above and beyond the call of duty to help this customer. Thanks again." B. Murphy, General Manager, Northern Alabama, ADS Security

    "Thanks. I also wanted to add that your tech support team especially to whom I spoke with this morning, he was fantastic. He was patient and thorough with the troubleshooting of my customer's system." GT

    "Thanks. We are currently having our best year to date. Your dedicated support to myself and all the guys at SMS is a huge part of our success. Again, thanks." Graham, SMS

    “To this day I have not had a single failure with any of the Keyscan systems I have installed. I only use the K-PROX2 reader after having too many failures with other types of readers. My church wants access control now, and Keyscan will be my choice. I am trying to give back to the church with my ability, and realize that Keyscan will be user friendly and reliable... Excellent product, excellent software, and excellent people, thank you.” Harry Savage Jr., Security First Inc.

    “Every time I call you guys for help your technicians are very proficient, very accurate, and very knowledgeable on your system. I love your equipment and I am going to keep using it every time I get the chance. Thank you!” Troy Whitehurst, T.W. Contracting

    System VII Intro (PPT)
    System VII Software (PDF)
    Access Control Keypad (PDF)
    Access Control Layout (PDF)
    8 door panel layout (PDF)
    8 door Panel Diagram (PDF)
    KEYSCAN Work Sheet (PDF)



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