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  • Receive tracking information on any internet enabled cell phone or computer
  • Manage company vehicles and employees more efficiently
  • Establish multiple "alert zones" to trigger alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a defined area or exceeds a defined speed limit
  • Dispatch can maximize vehicle response knowing exactly where each vehicle is located at any given time
  • Locate and recover missing vehicles
  • Track unauthorized use of vehicles
  • Purchase or lease the GPS Tracking system
  • Increase your drivers' productivity
  • Ensure safe driving speeds with speed alerts
  • Quick connect installation process
  • Keep track of your personal car when you let someone borrow it
  • Know exactly where your employee is within seconds
  • Login to our website and click on the link to view your fleet
  • Easy-to-use mapping software.
  • You can setup notifications for zone violations, speed alerts, setup additional user logins, and more
  • Locate or monitor teen and elderly drivers for enhanced peace of mind
  • Locate and recover missing vehicles
  • Manage company vehicles and employees more efficiently
  • Monitor for unauthorized use of vehicles



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