Smoke Detectors and Fire Protection 

What Good is a Smoke Detector, if Nobody is There to Hear It? Whether you are home or not, American Veterans Security can make sure that your home is protected from fires.

I already have a battery-operated smoke detector, 
so why would I need one installed as part of my security system? 
What’s the difference?

Smoke detectors are highly effective in preventing loss of life and property. However, there are differences between the "stand alone" or battery-operated smoke detector you would buy at your local hardware store and one installed as part of your home security system. 

"Stand alone" detectors are not connected to other detectors or warning devices. A smoke detector connected to your security system offers more protection because it is monitored by a central station. If fire strikes, the detector sets off an alarm and sends a signal to the control panel. The control panel dials the central station, where the operator notifies the fire department. Only central station monitored smoke detectors provide automatic notification of authorities when you or your family are asleep, not at home or unable to get to the phone.



Smoke detectors connected to your alarm system.  Fire protection by American Veterans Security.



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