Virtual 24 Hour Security Guards

It's the little black box that recognizes the source of movement and prevents false alarms. 

Auto dealerships, rental companies, construction companies, schools, property management and utility companies maintain valuable inventory that requires protection from theft and vandalism after hours. Lots located at offsite locations are especially vulnerable.

We provide cost-effective 24/7 monitoring of areas of interest. Real-time alerts can be sent to emails, smartphones, or a monitoring center for immediate assessment and response.

This will give you useful information that improves operations and sales, including coming and going of employees and customers browsing the lot.

Instavid is a simple addition to your existing surveillance system that manages all motion detection by alerting both our central security station and your email, cell phone or home phone. Our Instavid security guards prevent false alarms by distinguishing between natural, or non-threatening motion (such as a spider  on a surveillance camera lens or a car moving in the distance) and real security threats.  This allows swift and effective action to be taken.

InstaVid is an intelligent alarm verification solution that stop crimes in progress, and reduce false alarm fines. It can be used with most existing security camera systems.

False alarms are a thing of the past! Instavid is your 24 Hour security guard, vigilant, watchful and ready to take action at a moment's notice!

Instavid includes software and hardware options that allow it to be installed easily and cost-effectively in virtually any indoor, outdoor or remote location.

 Key Features

  • Analytics-based alarm verification
  • Secure, web-based video management
  • Local and hosted video storage
  • Integration with leading central station software
  • Connects to most existing camera systems
  • WiFi video transmission
  • Low cost installation

    Email us today and learn more about how Instavid can work with your current security system and put an end to false alarm charges, today!                                                                                               


Our Instavid System recognizes movement an alerts our monitoring center where they isolate the movement, and notify the alleged intruder via a speaker system before notifying the business owner and, if necessary, the authorities.


Features of the Instavid System include recognizing movement and distinguishing it as ambient or threatening, like this video of a passing truck.

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