VideoGuard - Designed for Construction Sites and Vacant Properties.

Invest in a team of security guards who don't take lunch breaks.

Save on equipment, labor and Internet costs. When motion is detected we receive a video clip and verify that it isn't a false alarm. You can also access the video on your computer or smart phone and know in real time if someone is on site.

When placed  in strategic points of your location, VideoGuard instantly records and sends live video to our 24 hour dispatch center. VideoGuard is portable and can be customized to fit any location. VideoGuard is the security solution for anyone who's questioned the efficiency of a security guard.

No long term contracts, we will provide security for your job site, and when the project is completed, we will remove the system or install it on a new site.

Our Outdoor Motion Viewer combines a passive infrared motion sensor, a digital video camera and infrared illuminators into a single wireless, battery powered security device.



Secure outdoor assets, remote facilities and more:

  • Vacant Buildings - theft of copper plumbing, wiring, air conditioners.
  • Communications Towers - theft of copper busbars, wiring and cables.
  • Electrical Sub-Stations - theft of copper grounding bars and cables.
  • Foreclosed Properties - theft of copper plumbing, wires, sprinkler systems and cooling systems.


Our VideoGuard services are so effective, they have been featured on Portland's local news.

This thief was caught on camera and quickly apprehended. VideoGuard keeps job sites safe!

Even in complete darkness our cameras can detect intruders. This trespasser was successfully apprehended with the use of an American Veterans Security VideoGuard System.

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