Burglary, Vandalism, External Or Internal Theft, Liability And Unauthorized Entry Are All Issues That Can Highly Impact Your Business. American Veterans Security Offers A Wide Range Of Advanced Security Solutions, Designed Specifically To Meet Your Business Needs, Assuring A Safer And Fully Controlled Environment.  

Below are recent images of a security breach,  Our system detected a vehicle, then an intruder approaching the lot.  When the intruder crossed the tripwire,  the line turns red and our security center is notified.  We then make live announcements and dispatch Police. 

American Veterans Security provides cost-effective 24/7 remote video monitoring of sensitive remote areas for locations that need more than just a camera.  Real-time alerts are transmitted to the customer and our security center for immediate assessment and response.  We have options to secure the buildings, Sales lots, off-site storage facilities and vehicle tracking devices.  Contact us for an on-site visit.

Video analytics turns your cameras into a powerful security device by enabling it to detect unauthorized persons and vehicles on site after hours, or any time. A video push notification can be instantly sent to your cell phone, or to operators in our monitoring centers, who can then dispatch law enforcement as appropriate.  


Live Video Monitoring: American Veterans Security's  proactive solutions are typically 25-60% more cost-effective than traditional security guards and provide the highest possible level of security while minimizing liability.  When using the proper equipment, sevices and trained security staff, you'll know that the property is well secured.