Intelligent video surveillance systems provide cost-effective 24/7 monitoring of areas of interest. Real-time alerts can be sent to emails, smartphones, or a monitoring center for immediate assessment and response.   

Video analytics turns your cameras into a powerful security device by enabling it to detect unauthorized persons and vehicles on site after hours, or any time. A video push notification can be instantly sent to your cell phone, or to operators in our monitoring centers, who can then dispatch law enforcement as appropriate. 



Our wireless VideoAlarm can be great for protecting outdoor lots.  Since the system is wireless & portable, MotionViewers can be moved around to protect different areas as inventory shifts. We detect the intruder and send the alarm/video for immediate review.  Once alerted, our security staff can log into the CCTV system and make announcements through our integrated JBL PA system.


We take a proactive approach with live surveillance monitoring. Our highly trained staff monitor key

 We take a proactive approach with live surveillance monitoring. Our highly trained staff monitor key areas of your property to help prevent crimes before they happen.  Our trained operators activate speakers and make announcements at unwanted trespassers who typically go running off your property, We call police or dispatch the security guard with live reports on criminals often BEFORE they have a chance to cause damage and take tools and assets off site. 

Person detected at 300' away

American Veterans Security provides cost-effective 24/7 remote video monitoring of sensitive remote areas for locations that need more than just a camera.  Real-time alerts can be sent to emails, smartphones and our monitoring center for immediate assessment and response.  

person detected at 200' away

Vehicle Detected

Person detected

Auto Groups & Motorcycle Dealership .

Dealerships are susceptible to inventory theft, property damage and other risks, especially with high-valued inventory outside for public display. American Veterans Security's customized dealership solution is targeted to protect on-site assets as well as act as a valuable management tool. We can watch your perimeter, parking lots, access points, buildings, service lanes and showrooms.

Live Video Monitoring: American Veterans Security's customized video surveillance solutions work in real time, to catch events as they happen. We watch when there is activity, not just motion, using a combination of video analytics and human intelligence. Our proactive solutions are typically 25-60% more cost-effective than traditional security guards and provide the highest possible level of security while minimizing liability.

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