This system is designed to inform our security center when someone is on site.  If you're looking to secure inside a structure or sound the site, this is the best option around.  With the video verification not only do we have next to zero false dispatches, the authorities arrive quicker due to the fact that the alarm is verified with a video clip.

Our systems can be installed anywhere there is a cell signal–no need for power cords, phone lines or internet services that construction sites often lack, especially in the early stages. Since construction sites are usually uncontrolled environments, video verification is especially important to eliminate costly false alarms and deliver priority police response when there is an actual crime. VideoAlarm's portability means it can be moved around as the project evolves–even if that means being installed months later at a brand new site!  


  • The Outdoor MotionViewer is a battery powered wireless camera and PIR detector
  • Infrared illuminators for true night vision
  • Instant installation in harsh outdoor environments – no wires and no power
  • Battery powered (including panel). Entire system operates for years on batteries
  • Cell communication of alarm and video for immediate review and dispatch
  • Up to 24 MotionViewers on a single cell communicator/panel
  • Many arming options: scheduled, remote control, proximity card, cell phone
  • 500 foot effective range between battery powered MotionViewer and communicator/panel


Video Analytics + Wireless video alarm


Turn a CCTV system into a monitored security solution

We use state of the art high definition (HD) network cameras with cellular communication or internet service provided by the contractor. These cameras incorporate the latest advances in image quality, offering wide dynamic range, low light sensitivity, 24×7 recording and video analytics.

Video analytics turns your construction cameras into a powerful security device by enabling it to detect unauthorized persons and vehicles on site after hours, or any time. A video push notification can be instantly sent to your cell phone, or to operators in our monitoring centers, who can then dispatch law enforcement as appropriate.