OLCC regulation have changed several times over the years and if your not keeping up to date with the changes, you could find yourself out of compliance and shut down.  We take the time to keep up to date and provide security inspections / tests to make sure that your security is properly working and meeting the OLCC requirements. Our video off site video storage systems are checked every day to ensure there's minimal down time if any.



Many customers hire us to provide support and service for a system that was installed by a company. Our IT department is able to assist you with any of your network and low voltage wiring needs. In most cases, we can easily port your security systems to our office, monitoring facilities and in-house video storage servers.



We've been providing security solutions in Oregon and Washington for over 20 years.  Being certified product dealers has earned the ability to provide longer warranties and purchase power, with we pass on to our clients.   We can custom design your systems to meet OLCC requirements and your specific needs.  Our security staff is available 24/7.