American Veterans Security, LLC. (AVS) provides Video Surveillance Systems for both homes, businesses and meet the requirements set by the OLCC. Our systems range in size from one camera viewing a cash register to hundreds of cameras securing a corporate environment.  

We offer the latest in IP video surveillance and our product line includes a unified security platform for both access control and video, high definition megapixel cameras along with robust recording capabilities.  In addition to IP based systems, we offer excellent High Definition analog systems and off-site video storage.

With our Thermal imaging, It easy for our security staff locate where the intruder in no light environments.  Our panoramic cameras allow for a wide range of coverage, using less cameras.  Using tripwire and other analytics, our cameras will notify us when people are on site.  4K resolution allows for better detail in the area of concern. 


Our system will enable you the ability to watch live feed of who’s at your door, inside your house, and around your property. Our camera systems are fully integrated and can be accessed  via your PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.


Claims can be appropriately and quickly investigated with video evidence. Video has also proven to be an invaluable tool for possible OSHA violations and documented evidence for human resources investigations. 

5 Year Warranty

Being a certified security camera installer, we're able to extend the typical three year warranty to five years.  This covers the majority of our cameras and Video Storage Systems.  The Hard drive manufactures provide a one year warranty.


We can use different manufactures and have them run off one platform, so you only need to know one interface.  We'll help you design a system that meets your requirements and share options that will likely give you better coverage without spending more money.


Our technicians have completed all required factory dealer training in order for us to install and service these systems.  We'll pull electrical permits if the project requires it.  Our IT department will ensure everything is communicating in a proper and secure manner before leaving the site.


Most of our clients don't sit at the desk and play with the camera system on a daily basis.  When you need help with the system, software or just forgot how to download video, you can contact our office and we'll walk you through the process, step by step.  


Thermal Imaging

Thermal solutions are able to detect people and vehicles at great distances, even in complete darkness. Solution options include Infrared Thermometry, allowing real time measurement of temperature. This enables monitoring of expensive equipment, providing advance warning of overheating or heat induced failure. Integrated Video analytics provide accurate motion detection and perimeter protection, as well as heat mapping and history analysis. 

Panoramic Technology


Panoramic cameras provide 180°, 270°, and 360° view options that provide wide-area video surveillance for increased situational awareness. Fisheye and Multi-sensor cameras replace multiple single-sensor cameras providing easier installation and a higher return on investment. 



Analytics functions quickly and accurately respond to monitoring events to improve safety in all surveillance applications while increasing efficiency for businesses. 



4K is the video surveillance resolution of the future, delivering four times the resolution of HD 1080p cameras for superior picture quality and image clarity. 4K resolution improves the clarity of a magnified scene to view and record crisp forensic video, an excellent choice for applications that require both fine detail and broad coverage 



 SmartPSS integrates our network cameras and storage devices into one intuitive, easy to use interface. The software provides efficient device management, video monitoring and playback, alarm and analytic configuration, as well as video wall setup and preview.  Unlike most manufactures, we don't require your to license your cameras and firmware updates are at no cost.